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Becoming a published author

In the middle of June I got to participate in my first Author autograph session. It was for the book, Penny Dread Tales, Volume IV. My Short story, The Banker, the Zulu, & the Empire Maker was included in the anthology. I was so happy to participate that I actually returned from my vacation four days early and drove ten hours straight from Las Cruces, New Mexico to Denver, Colorado. I got up at four in the morning to do this! I have to say though, it was awesome!

The last year has been really rough on my pride. Not working, depending upon long term substitute assignments & unemployment, but this day was worth it. I’ve always wanted to write and I NEVER thought I would be giving out my autograph, but it happened and I was there. WP_20140618_18_00_02_Pro__highresWP_20140618_18_34_59_ProWP_20140618_18_25_00_Pro__highresWP_20140618_17_59_52_ProWP_20140618_20_00_50_Pro

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