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Myth & Legends Con Panel Schedule


Myth & Legends Con is this coming weekend. It’s a fun filled weekend of fandom, cos-play, and discussions of literature. The Con begins with opening ceremonies at the Ramada Plaza Denver North, located right off I-25 on 10 East 120th Ave, Denver 80233.


I will be there, with the Fetching Mrs. Evans, and I’ll be on several panels. Here they are:


So Charming, Not Creepy

Friday, 5:00-5:50 PM


Make your convention experience better by learning how to approach people without being a creep. A discussion on etiquette, consent, common sense, and enjoying fandom with respect. Audience is encouraged to share examples of good and bad interactions.

Jason Evans, Quincy J. Allen, Tonya L. De Marco, Veronica Calisto


Historical Inspirations for Game of Thrones

Friday, 8:00-8:50 PM

Lawrence, KS

GRR< has acknowledged a relationship between GOT/ASOIAF and the English Wars of the Roses, as well as Hadrian’s Wall, but what about Henry Tudor, or the Earl of Richmond? Who is Martin’s Queen Elizabeth I? Can we deduce how the books are going to end from European History?

Jason Evans


Superheroes: Myths and Legends of the Modern Age

Saturday, 6:00-6:50 PM

Kings Landing

From Hercules and coyote to batman and Deadpool, the superhero has always existed in some form in the cultural roots of the world. Discussion to include why humans need these characters in our collective culture.

Jason Evans



Saturday, 8:00-8:50 PM

Helm’s Deep

Two teams go head-to-head in a rap battle where the topics are LOTR, Superheroes, & GOT.

Jason Evans, Thomas A. Fowler


The Muse and the Devil

Sunday, 10:00-10:50 AM

Room of Requirement

Where do artists get their inspiration and ideas? Why does it seem that some of my best ideas don’t sell? How does inspiration hit and how do I ignite that spark?

Jason Evans, Kathryn Renta, Stant Litore


Discussing Combat in Science Fiction & Fantasy.

Sunday, 2:00-2:50 PM

The good, the bad, and the ugly scenes of combat and action in Science Fiction and Fantasy, including the differences between games, movies, and literature. Also a discussion of the morality and emotional impact both upon the audience and the characters involved.

Ian Brazee-Cannon, Ian Thomas Healy, Jason Evans, Jim Butcher



Shhhh! Don’t tell anyone, but I’m probably going to *crash* these panels on Saturday and Sunday Morning!



Creating a Writing System

Saturday, 1:00-1:50 PM

Kings Landing

Very few authors have the luxury of strictly writing. Those starting out will definitely need supplemental income. Discover ways to establish a writing life that works for your lifestyle.

J.A. Campbell, Lou J Berger, Sam Knight


Writing the Story is the easiest Part

Saturday, 7:00-7:50 PM

Kings Landing

Panelists discuss tales and compare the indie and traditional publishing worlds.

LJ Hachmeister, Lou J Berger


Building the Perfect Plot

Sunday, 9:00-9:50 AM

Lawrence, KS

Have you ever wanted to write a great story with a killer plot? Come join a panel of authors and learn how they compose a plot. We’ll discuss the Hero’s Journey and other tropes, and teach you the necessary parts for a great story!

Lou J Berger, Richard Friesen

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