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My Denver ComicCon Schedule – Help me, please.


I am not really sure how this happened, but I am on eleven panels at Denver ComicCon this year. Eleven.


So, without any further ado . . .

Friday Schedule

Room 605

12:00-12:50  the Greatest Kaiju Films of All Times

1:00-1:50      Game of Thrones: TV show versus Books

Room 407

3:30-4:20      Representing Diversity in Fiction

4:30-5:20      Death of a Zombie


Saturday Schedule

Room 607

10:30-11:20   Game Master Best Practices

11:30-12:20   RPG World Building

Keystone City Room

2:00-2:50       Unsung Hero

Room 605

6:00-6:50       Religious Themes in Star Wars


Sunday Schedule

Room 607

11:30-12:20    Pen & Paper Role-Playing for Adults

Keystone City Room

1:00-1:50        Historical Inspirations for Game of Thrones

Room 407

2:00-2:50       Is Sci-Fi & Fantasy better with Religion in it?



I am really looking forward to this comic con. I hope you come and see me at least once this weekend. Find me, stop me and say hello!


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