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The Gallowglass Book Flyer

The Gallowglass:


Jason Henry Evans

Lieutenant Philip Williams thought his career as an English Mercenary was over after surviving the sack of Calais by the Spanish in 1596. If only he knew is troubles were just beginning.

While recovering in a hospital in Antwerp, a distant relative arrives to dangle an irresistible offer in front of him: The Royal Irish army. All of Ireland is in open revolt and Queen Elizabeth is going to war. The time to strike is now. As the army trains in Dublin, it will need experienced English officers to lead it. Buoyed by the chance to fight for Queen and Country, Philip accepts, bringing along some old friends who also survived Calais.

Once in Ireland, Philip meets two Irishwomen. Nualla asks for his aid while Colleen asks for his heart. Will he be able to protect either of them from the coming violence?

As Philip trains his new company, old grudges tear at the fabric of the army. Meanwhile Irish rebels and Scottish mercenaries raid and the survivors whisper the name of a monster: Solomon Red Beard O’Donnell. Will Philip and his friends have enough time to turn Irish peasants into soldiers? If they don’t Solomon Red Beard will spread the rebellion and Ireland will be lost.

Book Details:

Word Count: 129600

Genre: Historical Fiction

Available: The Gallowglass will release July 10th on Amazon

About the Author

Jason always wanted to be an author, he just didn’t know it. After attending college and working in education, Jason’s life changed when he fell in love with the Fetching Mrs. Evans. After over a decade as a teacher in public and private schools, he discovered the wonderful writing community in Colorado, where he still lives. Jason is an educator, a writer, and a historian (as well as a bon vivant,) who is active in the Colorado writing community as a teacher and speaker.



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